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September 2022 - Annual Meeting & Calligraphy

September is always our annual meeting, which also means it's our 5th birthday, so Happy Birthday to us! It's also a time for end of year statements and changes to our committee.

This year the Marians president for the last 2 years, Selina, has stepped down from her roll as president and the committee for personal reasons. Following voting and decisions our new President for the coming year is Andrea! Congratulations Andrea and thank you to Selina for all your hard work.

Once all the serious work was over we spent a lovely hour having a go at calligraphy, lead by our in house artist member Clare. She showed us the correct way to do it and also a cheating way, which was much easier. We made some gift tags ready for Christmas. We also each got to home some calligraphy pens.

What a great night!

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