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September 2020 - Annual Meeting plus Quizgo

Time for our Annual Meeting.

As there were few formal protocols this year as the meeting was over Zoom, we quickly concluded the business meeting, having decided to keep our major post holders in position, and moved onto a lively game of Quizgo.

For the uninitiated this is a combination of a Quiz and Bingo – first you call the bingo number and if you have that number on your sheet you answer the question. When you shout Bingo your answers are checked.

A few words from the re-elected President, "A few thanks to send out tonight. Firstly a big thank you to Andrea our secretary for her statement and Ali our treasurer for her annual report on the accounts. Second thank you to Hilary, Amy, Ali and Sophie for preparing the Quizgo questions for tonight’s fun and games. I for one had a fabulous time. Third thanks to Clare for her help on the committee this last year, you will be missed. Finally thank you to all of you who joined the meeting tonight as always it was lovely to see you all.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the Halloween themed October meeting"

Selina - President by default

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