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May 2022 - Resolutions, CPR & Table Sale

As always May is the month for W.I Resolutions, this year the proposed resolution is 'Women and Girls with ASD & ADHD - under-identified, under-diagnosed, misdiagnosed, under-supported'. Committee member Sophie has some experience in this field so did a short talk about this subject followed by a quiz, just to make sure everybody was listening! The members all cast their votes and agreed that we all supported this resolution. The national federation has announce that the resolution passed by 96.5%. There were 4738 votes in favour and 171 against. More details can be found here.

Following this Ali, Marians Treasurer, gave us all an interesting talk about how to perform CPR and how to use a community based defib machine. she even bought Resusci Anne for us to have a go. It's always good to refresh your skills.

We also had a sale table with the theme of home made or home grown. members brought long donations to help raise some funds.

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