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Annual Outing - The Workhouse at Southwell

Today was our annual outing. This year the group decided to do the Workhouse at Southwell. New to 2019 was a part of the Workhouse that had not previously been accessible to the public.

We arrived at 10:30 in time to grab a coffee before the welcome tour at 11:00. The tour was an hour following which the house opened. We decided to have a pit stop with a picnic for some and cream tea or homemade soup for others.

We then walked around the infirmary (new this year) and the workhouse with an electronic tablet to assist. It was very interesting and informative. It will take several trips to be able to read everything.

There were a few activities going on during the day. Volunteers were showing how to make bracelets, there were old yard toys out and gardening with the paupers. There gardening was for the veg stall. There were several varieties of veg available for a donation and you could also chose to garden with a pauper (see pics).

Shocking to hear the Workhouse only closed on 1978.

Well worth a trip. I will definitely go back.

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